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1. Login Credentials

You will need to provide your login credentials to access your account. Should Instagram request a Security Code for verification purposes, we will require your assistance.

2. Third-Party Software

No third-party software should be used while we are actively managing your account.

3. Use of your Account

You can use your Instagram account in a safe, natural manner. This includes liking posts, sending direct messages, and interacting with photos in your feed.

4. Posting Content

Post content and stories regularly. We will target accounts in your niche. Interaction and follow-backs are contingent on the content of the account, so strive to create and share high-quality content in order to keep your following engaged and active on your page.

5. Targeting

You can target potential customers through sources (relevant accounts), hashtags, geolocations, and gender-based targeting. Please note that it is not always possible to determine the gender of all accounts, and the growth and follow-back rate will be highly dependent on your specific targeting.

6. Payment Time

Payment must be received prior to processing any orders.

7. Growth Start

The initial period of 4-7 days typically features slow growth due to the necessary warmup phase, in addition to the analysis and adjustment of the targeting parameters.

8. Quantity of Accounts

Each package is tailored to a single Instagram account.

9. Sales & Conversions

Sales and conversions are not guaranteed through the service, as the success of any given product, business, and service is contingent upon a variety of factors. We only guarantee a follower amount within the estimated range specified in our website’s pricing table.

10. Long-Term Collaborations

Long-term partnerships are preferred over short-term packages as they provide mutual benefits, enabling you to build and maintain a steady following.

11. Instagram Bans and Blocks

We would like to emphasize that we are not accountable for any bans or blocks on your Instagram Account; however, it is highly unlikely that a ban would arise since our services are in full compliance with Instagram’s Terms of Service. In rare cases, some harmless blocks MAY occur while using this service.

12. Privacy Police

The business maintains a high standard of privacy and confidentiality. We are able to use your current growth statistics and screenshots without disclosing any client credentials/details or Instagram usernames, safeguarding the privacy of our clients.